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Vid-debate app is designed to give users the ability to use their god-given right of free speech to post up to three-minute videos on the topic of the day. Every day, Vid-debate will post a question in the hopes to draw strong opinions from all sides of a range of topics from pop culture to politics.

Brian Lamar, the founder and creator of Vid-debate began the project in the hopes to build a platform to help debaters send an impassioned message to tons of viewers and followers instantly.

“Vid-Debate is simple. Debaters get to harness their God-given right to Free Speech by answering the question of the day on the app. If a debater missed a question on a particular day, there is a by-date listing of previous questions. Debaters on the Vid-Debate platform will have the ability to maneuver through the app and submit videos on previous Questions of the Day.

The format is simple. A user makes a profile, which acts as a repository for video debate submissions. Here’s how it works, a debater sees a question they want to answer. The debater then records a video (3 minutes or less) and uploads it to the corresponding question. Opposing Vid-debaters will be paired up with their video. Other viewers will be able to comment and like the debater that they felt mad more of a valid argument for the topic.

“The whole point of this platform is to create awareness or interest while answering the questions so I encourage debaters to make their points accurate, valid and worthwhile with no abuse toward others”

In the spirit of freedom of speech, there is only one general rule. Anything goes when uploading a video except abusive language to others. Debaters who use racial slurs or other bigoted terminology will be blocked and banned. Debaters are also not allowed to try to incite people to violence. That will get an account blocked as well. Debaters are allowed to have their views as long as it doesn’t attack anyone else’s: race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.


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